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In the magazine GEO writes Fred Langer in his report “Alles Bio, or?” To gender studies, the fact that the brains of women and men are much more similar than previously assumed. Technical understanding and empathy are not biologically programmed.

The supposedly natural distribution, the man belongs to the machine and the woman behind the stove, is thinking of yesterday. It is slowly becoming clear that biology is not driving us, but the culture in which we live.
In the meantime, cultural change has become apparent in many companies as well as in private partnerships. However, there is still a great deal of action. We at LENA want to support companies and individuals in this process and offer a new cross-mentoring program.
How important cross-mentoring for women and men can be is given by Eva Best, a successful entrepreneur and mother from Zurich, in the interview.
In several countries it has been shown that companies with a higher percentage of women are more successful. This is what we want to bring you in today’s Newsletter.

Last but not least, we will provide you with a “Mümpfeli” in the form of a recommended book “A family makes a career” by Ines Witka when registering for our cross mentoring program 2016.
I am looking forward to your interest and also to suggestions, if you like!

I sincerely welcome you and wish you a successful fourth quarter of 2016!


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With your registration for the new Cross Mentoring Program 2016, you will receive free of charge the book “Eine Familie macht Karriere” by Ines Witka (Gatzanis Verlag, Hardcover, ISBN: 978-3-932855-59-7, UK: CHF 27.95)
A small video about the topic and book can be found here: Unite family and career

Find out more about the Cross Mentoring Program 2016 and register at:
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