Motivation to apply for the Cross Mentoring Program

LENA | Customer Testimonials
Ilona Kenji, Director Corporate Procurement, R-Biopharm AG, D-Darmstadt

My employer supports me in my personal and professional development, provides resources.
Unfortunately, as a mentor there is no woman to choose from. However, I wish reflection and impulses on a female level.
Men think differently, women too.
My important goal in mentoring is to remain authentic and as a leader all WOMAN.


Other voices

Feedback from a mentor:
“For me personally it was very valuable to learn that mentee and mentor have different expectations of value creation and motivation. Matching from industry to industry does not mean that the persons fit to each other.
The program has brought me a personally kick: to get mentoring is similar to get criticism, it is a gift, you can accept it or you don´t have to. ”

Feedback from another mentor:
“The program was valuable for me personally and professionally. In detail: again, one’s own experience – from which one no longer knows what a “treasure” is – can make a meaningful contribution. We will continue on this. ”

Feedback from a mentèe:
“Through stimulating conversations and showing possibilities in different directions, my mentor has made me think about my situation and to solve a” head block “. This made it possible for me to escape a phlegm, which helped me a lot. ”

Coaching reference from an international top manager:
“During some while I have been brought to look for new assignment and I had to seriously ask myself what I intended to do after many years as an executive manager in a giant company.
Then I had the opportunity to get in contact to Elisabeth, and she played the role of coach and sparring partner in this type of mirror facing game. I think she did a valuable work in leading me into asking the relevant questions, challenging my answers, testing that I was really going to what I wanted. She followed a structured systematic approach; she brought a lot of value in reframing my summary, and supported me on a human point of view in reaching my targets. I can really recommend Elisabeth as a coach to develop one career path.“