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Mim_more is more is a consulting and coaching company dedicated to “the whole is more than the sum of its parts”. Giving Diversity a high priority means to achieve sustainable and better results. If women and men lead together, a inner complexity can emerge, enabling added value for all stakeholders. Gender-balance leadership opens up new dimensions of economic and social competence




LENA | Collaborations
Capitum Consulting
Capitum specializes in management consulting, management development and executive coaching for multinational corporations and SMEs. We live Action Learning for over 15 years. Our cockpit simulations for the competence development in top management are unique and are constantly developed further.
LENA | Collaborations
Womenbiz the business, relief, and referral platform for dedicated women

As a practical tool, womenbiz strengthens women’s entrepreneurs and helps them to combine their work and private life elegantly, to make better use of their potential and to increase their success. In addition to a business network, womenbiz offers everything that facilitates the business and private life of women who are active in the workplace: online marketing, service companies, financing support, job exchange, BizAdvisor and much more.


LENA | Collaborations
Ellepreneur was launched in January 2016 by us, Jeanique & Elena. We are both entrepreneurs and wish us more entrepreneurship of women in Berne. We are delighted to bring together successful women entrepreneurs, to support them in their activities and to contribute to their success. Ellepreneur organizes networking meetings, entrepreneurial lectures and joint office days, as well as short-term consultations by faculties and world cafes.




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EWMD is an international network built by women for women and men in management. The network links professionals from all areas of business, education, politics and culture. Its spirit is characterised by determination, personal engagement, give and take, and open exchange.


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Female Business Seminare

With a pilot, the Female Business Seminars are organized by women and men in specialist and management responsibilities, which must meet the most varied challenges in their daily work. Together with various speakers, we offer a selected professional seminar offer every year. This is intended to strengthen the professional competence of women in the Swiss economy.


LENA | CollaborationsVerband Frauenunternehmen (Association women ‘s Business)

Since 1998, the Association of Women’s Enterprises has been committed to the success of women entrepreneurs and strengthens their ever-increasing importance for the Swiss economy. We are actively supporting our more than 2,000 members and interested parties, and are among the leading women’s trade associations in Switzerland. – the job exchange with the best part-time jobs for mothers

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